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Many may know me from my instagram page @recoveryhousereviews_more as Mimi. Three years ago I personally started to plan for my journey of traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery. I was soo indecisive as to where to stay after my surgery for post op care and started to do as much research as possible in attempt to find a safe and friendly recovery house to book. I then realized how hard it was to retrieve honest reviews for each recovery house because at the time there was not a platform to find them all in one place. The few reviews I was able to find at the time seemed to be mostly horror stories about patients being scammed, mistreated, and mislead by recovery house owners. I knew I needed to do something to help the surgery community stay safe and hold recovery house owners accountable.


Fast forward to today I still manage my instagram page which has grown to be known as “the Yelp for recovery homes”.  The idea for Sxhotspot certainly came about due to many of my followers DMs and emails asking "which homes I personally would recommend." I wanted to take my passion for keeping those traveling for surgery safe a step further.  I have personally hand selected the homes in the SxHotspot network and I am fully confident in the ability of each home to give you the best recovering experience. I am excited to help facilitate the process of reserving recovery house stays to help relieve any stress or feelings of being overwhelmed while planning a surgery journey. By no means am I saying these homes are better than any other operating homes however, these are the homes I am fully confident in through running the recovery reviews page, visiting and doing my personal research into each and every home in my network.  

Santo Domingo, DR
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